Supported Employment Organizational Snapshot – 2014
  • 68 clients supported in 2014
  • 3 new clients joined us from January – March 2014
  • 6 new clients joining us in September 2014
  • 77 total clients as of September 2014
  • 47 clients working in the community as of April 2014
  • 53 clients working in the community as of September 2014
  • 47 clients benefit from Supported Employment

The percentage of clients working in community prior to Job Coach support was 37%. In 2011, we supported 55 clients; 22 had employment. As of September 2014 our clients in Supported Employment will have increased by 240% since our Job Coach started!!

With Job Coach support many clients have: moved up from stipend to minimum wage, found additional part time work, increased job skills, are happier working somewhere they enjoy and being paid for their time.

Before Job Coach Support

  • 5 clients earning minimum wage
  • $40,000.00 total earnings of clients


These numbers are significantly lower than current due to increased advocacy by our job coach.  It should also be noted that our per diem is currently higher and more clients are earning a higher wage now. We also had less community contracts and grants back then because our Job Coach assists with obtaining new contracts for us.

With Job Coach Support

  • 22 clients earning minimum wage as of April 2014
  • $80,000.00 total earnings of clients in 2013


Total earnings include; daily per diems, stipends, contracts and minimum wage earned while employed. This rate also includes watering contract (which is primarily CACL Antigonish clients), street cleaning and other grants for employment we have received.

440% increase in minimum wage employment with Job Coach Support!